Printsupply - Change Summary

Version 1.26 - (Under Construction)
release of PrintSupply V2 Rendering
  • Transparency settings for all field types including, Text, PDF and Images
  • Rotation for all field types.
  • Web-to-print integration via PrintXml © or pdfWebKit.
  • PDF upload for images
  • PrintSupply rendering v1 compatiblity level - for older products
  • Upgraded HTML Editor FCKEditor 2.x with CKEditor 3.x
  • Support for Email only accounts and logins. Configurable on a per-client basis

  • Version 1.25 - June 2012
    • Head-to-head Impositions
    • Two variations of head-to-head impositions are now supported for print ready PDFS. This compliments the existing: work-and-tumble and work-and-turn formats.
    • Alignment, Rotation and Fill
    • All field types now support horizontal, vertical alignment and justification (region filling) and rotation. This includes all styles of text blocks as well as PDF and image types.
    Web Server
    • Web Optimisation
    • The loading of web page and images have both been optimised. For example, the overall load times for the Product Catalog (including images) has been significantly improved.

    Version 1.24 - March 2011
    • Selectable Images (was selectable PDFs)
    • -- Previously, this field only supported PDF files. It now also supports gif and jpeg images.
      -- Selectable Images now work with entire folders of images. A selectable preview is displayed for each image file in the folder.
    • Field Labels
    • Your can now specifiy a label and, optionally, an label_field on text fields. This leads to simpler designs with less fields.
    • Preview Mouse-over & Click Through
      Preview and Review images have now been imaged-mapped. All users can mouse-over the preview image and see exactly where fields have been placed.
      This has been taken a step further for application administrators, who can click on overprinted items on preview image to immediately edit them.
    • Font Upload and Preview
      There is now a new font upload facility. Fonts may be uploaded and previewed; either on a client-specific basis, or site-wide.
      The Field Edit Fonts tab now shows a preview of the selected font. Likewise the Font Manager now shows a preview of each font.

    Version 1.23 - Feb 2010
    Preapproval Emails
    • Ad-hoc Proofs
      Users can now informally email proofs of draft and basket items, without the need for a pre-existing approval structure.
      A thread will be started on the item and the item will be held in an approval state, until released by the user.
    • First Class Support of True Type Fonts
      True type fonts can now be uploaded directly without any need for postscript conversion.
    New Field Types:
    • Graphic Impositions
      This is a new field type that lets you break down complex documents into parent products and imposed products.

      At ordering time, the use creates the unimposed items constructed individually. They are then laid up over a base product.

    Magazines and Publications
    Publication Wizards
    This is a under construction. Publication wizards can be combined with Graphic Impositions to enable the production of complex documents. These may include
    • front and back covers
    • an automatically generated table of contents
    • numbered pages
    The Publication Wizard can be configured to assemble and paginate a complete online document (e.g. a real estate brochure). It will handle the automatic pagination and page numbering, and a table of contents.

    Version 1.22 - May 2009
    • Colour Strength Adjustment (tint)
    • This is a new edit value for text fields. In particular, it can be used to lighten text fields with spot colors. It can also be applied to regular RGB or CMYK field colors.
    • Paragraph flow for all text fields
    • All text fields will now automatically flow when a width is set. This affects simple fields, such as short medium and long text, along with simple summary fields.

    Version 1.21 - March 2009
    New Fields Type:
    • Upload Image - Negative, Rotate to Fit
      This is suitable for images floor-plans. The image is converted to gray-scale. For effect it is also negated to appear white-on-black. The image may be rotated 90 degrees to achieve a better fit.
    Spot Colors
    Printsupply now supports spot colours:
    • It maintains a database of spot colors. You may new spot colors from a color chart as they are needed.
    • these colors may be selected and use these spot colors on text and summary fields.
    • preview and PDF's will be created with spot colors separations.

    Version 1.20 Nov 2008
    Template Fields
    • Added SMALL Caps qualifier to Rich Text Summary Fields.
      EG #myname.caps# will cause myname to have its lowercase letter output in small caps. Note: This currently only works for Rich Text, not regular summary fields.
    • Extended Prefixes for Summary Fields.
      EG #ph: phone#, #(areacode)#, #address1# #, address2# - the additional punctation is only printed when the field has a value.
    Bug Fixes
    • Stock Manager
      Added balance cross checks. To ensure that at-all stock levels at all times match the computed balance.
    • Login Timeout -
      Reliabily restore context after logging back in. Previously, when you logged back in after a time-out you would get 'unexpected errors' because your web page was not reliably restored. Printsupply now reliabily restores your context after you log back in.

    Version 1.19 Apr 2008
    • Added Duplicate... button to Product Edit Screen.
      This allows a new product to be based on an existing product.
    Print Rendering
    • Added image resampling
      Excessively high resolution images are resampled to a lower resolution during pdf production. This improves rendering times and reduces PDF's to a reasonable size. For example, if a user uploads a 5Mb JPEG file for a business card; the image will be downsampled so that the print PDF is of the order of 100Kb.
    • Print Impositions - Bug Fixes
      There have been significant bugfixes and upgrades to print impositions to ensure:
      • bleed is applied, both for base templates and overlays
      • base templates and overlays remain centered on the imposition
    • New Stock on Order facility.
      Printsupply now has a simple facility to track stock orders in progress. When the orders arrive, the stock can be accepted to replenish the stock-in-hand.
    • New Dynamic Stock Reallocation
      Any incoming or backordered items can have there stock levels adjusted. Avaliable stock, and the items on backorder will be adjusted automatically.
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